Saturday, August 29, 2009

It is definitely a SUPER Saturday!

Today is awesome and, despite this raging headache that is attempting to bring me down, I am having a freaking awesome day!

I went bicycle shopping today!! The last bike I had was probably a Huffy 10-speed when I was like 14 or so. As soon as I turned 15 and I was old enough to work and make money, I felt I could not be bothered with such "little girl" things like riding bikes and rollerblading. Anyway, I fell in love with this beauty at the first store I went to:
Electra,Cruiser,Keva Kate

It is amazing. I am not the racing bike kind of girl, so this bike is right up my alley. It is navy and has military style stars and stripes, polka dots on the seat, a pin-up girl on the frame, and beautiful white leather handles...with leather streamers!! Are you serious? Plus, it even comes with a bell. I couldn't stop ching-chinging it in the store! IF I get it, I plan to put a basket on each side of the back tire so that I can ride it to the grocery store and back. How freaking quaint is that!?

I'm pretty sure that if I get that bike that I would need to dye my hair black, wear pin curls and red lipstick, and change my name to Betty. Love it!

While browsing the bike store, I made friends with the store pet, a black and white cat...with three legs. I have never seen a three-legged cat before and watching him get around was pretty interesting. It did kind of weird me out, but since the cat was nice, I got past it. I asked the shop owner what his cat's name was and he said, "Oh, the white and black cat? His name is White and Black." Huh. Guess he didn't feel like getting too creative. Oh well.

I was having a really good time chilling in the bike store, and then, out of nowhere, I got stung by a wasp! I have pretty bad allergies, and since I had never been stung by a wasp, I was hoping my face didn't blow up like a balloon. Lucky for everyone involved, I'm fine...well, other than the small red welp on my finger. Crisis averted!

When I got home, I found out I won a blog contest hosted by Jessica Lynn over at Jessta Girl and Her Officer. I am so excited because I never win ANYTHING! She is going to be traveling across the pond soon and will send me a postcard from her trip! I love getting mail so I can't wait to get my cool postcard! Be sure to check out her blog too! Her blog is super fun and I love hearing about all the wedding plans she's making!

Okay, so I didn't sit down to write this blog with the intentions of writing a novel, so my apologies for being so long. :) I'm off to make dinner and watch a scary movie!


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