Monday, August 3, 2009

Get to know me!

As promised, here are 10 more things about me...

1. My favorite band of ALL time is Guns 'N' Roses. Journey, however, would have to hold spot number 1 1/2. :)

2. I don't like to nap on my couch without being under a blanket. I don't care if it is the middle of summer and 100 degrees outside, I want my fleece blanket.

3. As a teenager, I went through every phase under the sun. Pink hair was a really good look on me.

4. I think the two most powerful movies I have ever seen are American History X and Fight Club.

5. Several women in my family have been affected by breast cancer and I do as much as I can to raise awareness for the cause and support breast cancer initiatives.

6. I am deathly afraid of fire. I'm not afraid of fires in fireplaces or even bonfires, but seeing a building on fire scares me to death.

7. I looooooooooove rollercoasters! I'm particulary about them though. I'm a little wary about old wooden ones, but I love the big fancy ones at newer theme parks.

8. I love to cook. I love to try new foods with new recipes! These Louisiana roots of mine run is what we do!

9. Community service and volunteer work is very important to me. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunities I have had in my life and I feel it is my obligation to give back and do my part.

10. I got to meet Mario Lopez when I was 8. Yes, I STILL have a crush on him. *glassyeyedstare* Oh, Slater...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Those were the days!

PS - The grilled chicken caesar salads I made on Saturday were delicious! All I did was marinate the chicken in Dale's Seasoning for about half an hour and then grilled them on each side for about 7 minutes! Perfection!


  1. Thank you VERRA much for the visit! Can't hide dat Louisiana with Jeauxdi huh! ~*giggle*~
    Loved peekin round your blog! I will be back...COme visit me any ole time ya want!
    Have a great day and thanx for the well wishes!


  2. Thanks, Jeauxdi You come back too! :)