Friday, September 11, 2009

$2 Smoothies?? Say what?

Yes, you are reading that correctly, my friends! $2 Smoothies kicks off tomorrow! Run, don't walk, to your nearest Keva Juice to get your fix!

I think I may just use this awesome promotion as an excuse to get a Keva Juice EVERYDAY!

Here is one of the new wall graphics going up in selected locations! This baby is printed 4 feet wide! That's big!

Keva,Keva Juice,Keva Kate,Keva Smoothie Co.

And this is one of the new counter graphics!

Keva,Keva Juice,Keva Kate,Keva Smoothie Co.

I've got a big restaurant convention coming up at which I plan on making my debut appearance. To mark such an occasion, I was given these ridiculously cool business cards! What do you think? Are you loving them as much as I am or what?? :)

Keva,Keva Juice,Keva Kate

As always, my friends, KEEP IT JUICY!

*Please note that the $2 Promotion applies to the 12oz regular blend smoothies.


  1. LOVE the business cards - so much fun! The best business cards are the ones that are unique, fun, and bright!

    Oh, and fantastic news about the promotion and all the exciting upcoming Keva events!

  2. I freaking love them too! The color isn't even as bright in the pic as they are in real life! They are super cool and I'm psyched! Don't think I won't be passing these babies out left and right!