Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall is FUN!

This past weekend was so much fun! I had so much to do! My Saturday was packed with SPORTS! On Saturday morning I started my day with a long run (4 miles!) and after that, I was off to get a smoothie from Keva Juice! My Strawberry Squeezer was DELICIOUS!
When I got home, I showered up got dressed for my niece's soccer game! The weather was beautiful! While her team didn't win, they looked super cute out there and, of course, my niece played her heart out!

After the soccer game, I went to a roller derby game! Yes, a roller derby game! I'm considering joining my local roller derby team so I wanted to go and check it out!
It was so awesome! These girls are amazing! Its sort of like Fight Club...for chicks! :) Now I'm even more interested in joining their team and I am definitely going to be checking out some of their practices.

After the roller derby game, I picked up my friend and we went to place downtown to watch my team play FOOTBALL! While my team didn't win (hey, it happens), they are still in the Top 100 on the BCS poll! They'll do better this week, I know it!
Keva,Keva Juice,Keva Kate,Keva Smoothie Co.

On Sunday, I didn't do anything but read. I know that sounds lame, but I got my hands on this...
...and I could not for the life of me PUT IT DOWN! It is like 525 pages and I made it to about Page 400 or so! They better make a movie out of this one! If you are a fan of Dan Brown's books, I highly suggest picking this one up!

I'm off to go for a training walk for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. How does 12 miles sound?? Sounds like a good walk for today! What do you think of this new logo? THINK PINK!

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  1. LOVED that book! I couldn't put it down either and read it from the time my flight left England till when I landed in New Mexico! Good luck with your 12 miler!

  2. Isn't it good!? I have read all of his other books and I think this one is equally as suspenseful! :) I give it a year 'til a movie is out! :)