Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane...

Breast Cancer 3-Day

I am sosososososososososo excited! I leave for Arizona in just a few hours and I can't freaking wait! The weather here has been windy, cool, and rainy for a while and I am so ready to escape to warm, sunny Arizona! Click HERE to see a map of where I will be walking!

I have my bag all packed and I am ready to go!
  - Broken in tennis shoes? CHECK!
  - Lots of socks? CHECK!
  - Water bottle? CHECK!
  - Body Glide? CHECK! (Every year, this is the most crucial item on my
     list. It is loved my endurance athletes and marathoners
  - Everything and anything with a pink ribbon on it? CHECK! :)

If you have anyone you would like me to walk for, please leave me a comment or catch me on twitter. It isn't too late to get your loved one's name on one of my pink ribbons! Again, don't forget to check out the map of where I will be walking!! Let me know if there are any cool things on the way that I should keep an eye out for!

Stay posted! I'll be putting up lots of pics and updating from the road! Woot!


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